Bangor Library Fiber Exhibition

Maine is where it’s at…no question…and February is when all Fiber Folk should stay around to celebrate.

On Saturday I met Fiber College Student and Instructor Donna Hauge for a great breakfast at Geaghan’s and then a non-stop jabber session at the library…by the time we separated, we had talked for 4 hours with old friends, new friends and people we’ll probably never see again. The moment we walked into the library we were face to face with Marty and Sarah.  We talked about weaving and pottery and the projects our mothers bequeath to us…I was so busy talking that once again I forgot to snap enough pictures…but to give you an idea:

There was talent in every corner of the library but the person who completely stopped me in my tracks was Patricia Goulette from Bangor.  She is studying Japanese Embroidery and the only word I have to describe her silk needle work is exquisite.

I’ve never seen Japanese Embroidery up close and it’s so impressive that I begged her to come to the College and at least display her pieces during the Saturday night show and tell.  She explained that students study many years under a master and that she’s been to Florida and Boston for her classes.  If I remember correctly, she has a group of 6 friends from the Portland area and together they travel to Boston for their classes.  My camera took fuzzy pictures (I really should read the manual) so I’ve supplemented them with a couple of clear images I found on the web…

Needlework by Patricia Goulette designed by the Japanese Embroidery Center of Atlanta Georgia

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