Clara Parkes…a cozy evening

Designer Mary Jane with String Theory creator Karen Grover...they're both in handmade sweaters...Karen's is made with her custom dyed yarn...Mary Jane's Fair Isle sweater pattern is available on her's an original creation

Last Saturday knit designer MJ Mucklestone and I drove over to String Theory (one of Fiber College‘s cherished vendors) in Blue Hill for an evening with Clara Parkes (author and creator of Knitter’s Review) and her basket of goodies.

Clara (in the pink sweater shown in The Book of Wool) check's out Tanis' latest yarn (Tanis, the other creative genius of String Theory, dyed the wool and designed her sweater too)

Clara’s newest book, the Book of Wool has been out for only a couple of weeks and praised by everyone who got an advanced copy.  While we drank tea and nibbled on homemade, chocolate dipped toffee we giggled as she told us stories of bringing the book together.  Every pattern and every sheep’s breed has a story…and when you touch the finished products and Clara explains the subtle and not-so-subtle differences between the projects, the world of yarn becomes vastly expanded and if it’s possible, more interesting.

If you’re curious to hear others talk about the Book of Wool, check out the Jenny and Nicole’s  November podcast at Stash and Burn.  We live in a wonderful time when we have access to more kinds of fiber than our grandmother’s dreamt of…don’t you want to take advantage?

For a great photo of the projects in the book…click over to Mary Jane’s blog…you can tell she’s a professional layout photographer.

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