Twist Collective Fans…

If you’re a fan of the on-line magazine Twist Collective, you’ll be happy to know that two of their best designers are teaching classes this year…and there are still spaces available so sign up before the word spreads!

Mary Jane Mucklestone is teaching a Saturday Class on Color Work Knitting.  If you know how to knit and purl then you’re ready for color work and why would you wait?  MJ is the reigning diva of all things colorful and she makes everything so simple…you may see 32 colors in a hat but remember, you’re only working with two colors at a time…so you too can make something as beautiful as the blue and white hat in September’s Twist Collective.  Afraid of choosing your colors?  MJ makes it easy with pre-assembled kits that she can bring to you at Fiber College…so why are you waiting?

Have you seen the hot blog Shetland Trader?  Fabulous designer Gudrun Johnson is also teaching here this year…the Crofter’s Cowl. It’s an original design that has everything to offer…it uses a small amount of yarn (maybe you could choose something absolutely scrumptious from vendor String Theory), is a great introduction to Lace knitting, will fit everyone on your gift list and is wildly pretty.  Check out her cardigan in Twist Collective…and then sign up for her class here at the College…we very thoughtfully scheduled her for Sunday afternoon so that you could take other knitting classes without a conflict.

Of course, you may recognize other instructors from past Twists…do you remember this?

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