Faith Garrold…if ever a woman was born a teacher of Quilts

garroldsamplerFaith is a woman who lights up a room with her enthusiasm and willingness to jump in anytime there’s an opportunity to make things better.  And she’s the best kind of sparkle because her wisdom and demeanor allows her to find a joke in the midst of controversy and lead a town meeting in the most contentious of times…it seems logical to me that she’d be a wonderful quilter too because I’ve seen her “quilt” personalities together into a work of art no one would ever have expected!

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing  Faith for a long time, she’s attended Fiber College since it’s inception and we’ve long awaited the opportunity to host one of her classes…this year she will teach Bay Windows Quilt Blocks…and her technique is better than anyone elses because no stitches show through the back of the quilt.  If you enjoy a class who’s instructor is unquestionably competent in her field, sign up for this one before it’s completely filled.

When we sent her the interview questions, this is what she had to say:

1. When I am not teaching or thinking about teaching- and sometimes I think about teaching while I gardening, volunteering at the Marine Museum and as a Master Gardener- I enjoy history especially local history and I love being out of doors!  Gardening is the best excuse for avoiding housework I have ever found- next to quilting of course!!!

2. The inspiration for my work comes from many places. Sometimes from my other interests- sometimes from the published work of others.  When I create a new piece I often don’t realize the amount of work that goes into it until someone else comments!

3. A perfect class for me is one where the instructor has a passion for what they are teaching -but is also willing to let me head off in my own direction if the works takes me there.


4. I am a lifelong educator- started working with younger children at a one room school house in Montville!  I have taught every grade level from K-12, adult basic education, college classes, teacher workshops, Girl and Boy Scouts and my own and other youngsters over the years.  I believe that I have a deep understanding of the importance of learning styles- we all have one that is stronger than the others!  No matter the content area I am teaching I make every effort to plan lessons that will offer an avenue for every learner as they draw on their own strongest learning style.  Although 2 of my 3 UMO degrees are in Admin/Leadership my practical life experience teaching has given me the knowledge I need to be successful in the “classroom”- whatever or where ever that may be!!!  One of my most challenging classes was teaching a Girl Scout troop how to make 3 arm-hole dresses!! Remember those?

5.  If I make a mistake I tend to keep going and work it in or find a way to hide it!!!  I do rip out but only if the mistake will really interfere with my finished design/product.

6.  If students are struggling with a step or concept I have found that SLOWING down and shifting the approach usually works!

7. I am very interested in the lives my students lead outside of my classroom.  There has to be time to get to know the student!

8.  I am not an avid collector of anything.  Things are just things- its the people in my life that I cherish most.

9.  The best advice I was ever given was by an instructor at UMO.  Speaking of who we would become as educational leaders he urged us to “define yourself- or someone else will do it for you”!  I believe this holds true in all aspects of our lives.

garroldnautical10.  I actually have two- blue and green.  All the colors of nature would clash terribly if we did not have the moderating forces of these two colors.  In my work I have found the same rule holds.  I can work almost any other colors together if I have some blue and green in there too.  I prefer soft shades of most colors and tend to get on a roll with seasonal colors as the year unfolds.

11. As stated above- my formal education/career and my passions for fabric have always been melded!!

12. As a ten year old making my first dress in a 4-H club, I think I ripped out more than I sewed!  My leaders were perfectionists and did not settle for anything less. There I LEARNED rules that I do not always follow! ( See #5) The training was excellent- I won a blue ribbon in the Style Dress Revue at the Colonial Theater in Belfast!!!   Today I do not fret about mistakes so much- but I did learn how to do things right!

13.  My favorite tool is a # 8 needle. I am PASSIONATE about hand sewing- very seldom do much on a machine if I can avoid it!  I enjoy the challenge of working a pattern so it can be hand pieced and stitched.  If I had to go to a desert island I would buy a new package of needles first!

14. I named my consulting work and my studio “Peace by Piece” because I enjoy starting a challenge and seeing it done!  Whether helping to write a grant, complete an application for college or constructing a whole quilt I need to see progress and results!  I often tell people that my fabric work is my therapy!


15.  In all aspects of my life I feel that things have turned out well if I am satisfied with the results!  I do not create for profit- although I have sold some work- but rather for the sheer joy of creating.  I have taken on some production work for a friend but do not really enjoy doing 20 of the same thing!!  When I tackle a new design or follow someone else’s pattern project if I am happy with the way it turns out- that is most important to me!

2 thoughts on “Faith Garrold…if ever a woman was born a teacher of Quilts

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  2. Good Morning Aunt Faith

    This is Deborah Greene (Corbett) Catherines youngest daughter.
    Many changes sense I last saw you. I have returned to School
    and have just finished my first year at Maine College of Art in Portland with a 3.75 GPA. I am now heading out to Santa Fe, New Mexico to the Institute of American Indian Arts as a transfer student to study sculptural ceramics.

    To that end, I am applying for scholarships to fund my education. As you are the family historian, and I remember the wonderful photos you it possible that you would have any photos or documents indicating any Indian Heritage?
    I understand that there was some tribal association thru marriage but I do not have any specifics as my mother is not good with that kind of info.

    I have just applied to the American Indian Services for scholarship and any
    background information or supporting letters or documentation would be extremely helpful.

    You can reach me at 207-557-8135 or

    Your Quilt are beautiful! It is obvious that creativity runs in the family.


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