Tah Dah…..

No decision was made lightly

No decision was made lightly

Yesterday the Jury Committee of six met in Winthrop to decide the Fiber College class schedule for 2009. The task wasn’t an enviable one because there was so much talent to choose from and so few slots to fill. Our criteria was simple enough…we choose the classes that were (1) most timely, (2) had terrific descriptions and visual images and (3) represented projects that could realistically be taught in the proposed time frame. We considered the spread of interest: did we have enough spinning and weaving…was there a good balance of beginner and advanced offerings…were there enough wood fibers represented? Finally we looked to see if the schedule could interest a wide range of ages within the fiber community because we believe that every generation learns from the other…that sort of thing.

What did people do before post-it notes?

What did people do before post-it notes?

Time and time again we returned to our tag line: educating creative expression. This is our mission. First and foremost, this is a weekend about learning and sharing. In a perfect world, everyone who strolls down our dirt road that points directly to the ocean will be drawn into an atmosphere that celebrates playful creativity and facilitates the urge to learn more, share more and relax more. We want participants to take several classes, work on projects in a comfy chair or warm beach rock and join us for dinner each night so the conversations can continue. There are thousands of places to sign up for a good class anywhere in the country…but only one that invites you back to summer camp where you’re expected to focus on crafts, friends and food.

The most difficult discussions were when we needed to refuse a class or instructor who has been an important part of the College in the past. For the most part, we passed on a few classes that have been offered previously and haven’t been updated or ones that can now be found at other venues. In several cases, the same general class was proposed by multiple instructors and we needed to decide which one to offer based on the application itself and the limitations we might have needed to work in to accommodate the weekend schedule. Please hear me clearly, I speak for the entire committee and probably most of the student body: If you were not chosen, don’t be offended because the decision was not personal and PLEASE re-apply next year…the committee will recognize your loyalty.

Without further ado, here is your sneak peak at the 2009 class roster. This list is subject to tweaking and full details will be posted on the website by April 15th. Instructors, you will be receiving an e-mail with details about your class times and locations promptly and we’ll need a response so that we can continue with the next phase of getting the admissions organized. Attendees, please wait until April 15th to apply for favorite classes…by the time you read this I’ll be on a plane to Peru and won’t be back until April 1st…so much to learn all over the world but for now…Tah Dah:

Breed of Wool Makes a Difference (Spinning)
Woolen, Worsted and Between
What Fiber to Spin
Gentle Art of Hand Carding
Silk Fusion- A New Fiber Craft
Folk Art Rug Hooking
Miniature Punch Needle
Carving Wood in the Maine Tradition
Small Wooden Box Making
Pictorial Felted Landscapes
Natural Dyeing 101
Knitting Charts Illuminated
Designing Sweaters from Handspun
Let Them Wear Socks
Contemporary Papermaking: Watermarks
Inkle Weaving
Plaited Basketry
Pick up on the Inkle Loom
Lap Weave Your Bits & Pieces
Hook Rugs to Match your Quilt or Décor
Bay Windows Quilt Bkicjs
By the Sea Art Quilt
Reversible Quilt
Crofter’s Cowl
Freeform Knitting & Crochet
Soy Wax Batik
Entrelac Knitting
Stranded Colorwork Sampler Hat
Weaving a Garden Sanctuary
Wet Felted Paintings
Textile Process/A Fiber Gumbo
Spinning Out There
Drop Spindle Spinning for Advanced Spinners
Drop Spindle Spinning for Beginners
Crochet Edging for Knitters
Recycled Rag Rugs
Seat weaving with fiber rush
Chair Caning
Creative Stitchery- Painting with Stitches
Red and Blue Don’t Make Purple – Or Do They? – How to create complex colors using your drum carder
Kumihimo Braiding and Beyond

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