Do You Twist?

A slice of the Twist Collective Cover

A slice of the Twist Collective Cover

It’s beautiful, it’s inspiring and its the best addition to the world of electronic magazines since forever.

…have you visited the  Twist Collective yet?  Features director Julia Farwell-Clay was with us at SPA in Freeport this weekend to announce that the Spring 2009 edition would go live at midnight on Saturday night…and the room simply buzzed.


Luke's Vest by MJM

Featured among its wonderful projects are a knitted vest project by Fiber College instructor Mary Jane Mucklestone and a

Painted Lace Swatches

Painted Lace Swatches by LW

detailed article on Painting Knitted Lace with Dye by tenured instructor Linda Whiting.

Besides the fact that Twist is another reason to spend too much time at the computer, why should you care?  Because (I’m over-simplifying here, I know) the electronic format of this magazine allows for two advances in the knit/design world.  First, new designers find it easier to show their work in a professional manner and second, the designers are paid more for their product…so they can afford to design more for us.  If you’d like a better explanation of how things work in the design world and magazines in particular, surf over to Annie Modesitt’s well written post on Valuing Our Work (you’ll need to scroll down to find the February 06,2009 posting.)

Changing the subject completely…if you’re interested in submitting applications to teach at Fiber College 2009, please get your proposals and accompanying photos into us by March 9th in order to be considered by the jury.  At the moment, we’d be particularly interested in more quilting, surface design and embroidery classes…but please throw any ideas into the pot that you think are valuable explorations!

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