2009 Call for Vendors

The following letter went out today to all the vendors who were with us last year…if you didn’t receive a letter, please consider this a direct invitation…we’d love to have you join us!

Hi Fellow Fiber’holic!

I hope this letter finds you comfortably settled in for a productive and peaceful winter. Like you, my “to do” list is at least a mile long with projects I’ve gathered from books, magazines and the web…if I start now and ignore all housework and family obligations, I have a chance of accomplishing half my list…assuming life doesn’t get in the way of my plans.

We’re already gearing up for Fiber College 2009 hope that you’ll join us for another great year. Your time and talent make the College special and we hope you’ll continue to be a part of our world. If you go to the website, www.FiberCollege.org you’ll find the updated Vendor Application. By filling it out and mailing it with the check by December 15th, you will receive preferred positioning and a $5 discount…and first notice for the call of instructors. Of course, if you know of others who are about teaching and tools complemented by finished handwork, please pass this invitation along and ask your them to let us know that you were the connection.

We will continue to increase our advertising in 2009, reflecting the tag line of “educating creative expression” as a means of communicating that Fiber College offers something special to those who are interested in all things that can be made into or from some form of fiber…wool, wood, silk…you get the idea. This year we’ll work to bring more foot traffic into the College by using “Burma Shave” signs along route one saying things like “beads”, “yarn”, “demonstrations” etcetera. This was Jo’s idea and if you have thoughts to share, please send us a note whenever you can.

Weaving a better world, one thread at a time,

Astrig…one of many who bring Fiber College to life

P.S. One final thought, as a means of combating e-mails lost in cyberspace, every communication we send out will also be posted on the Fiber College blog (www.fibercollege.wordpress.com) so you can use this as a back up if you suspect you may have missed an e-mail.

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