Have you ever knit with Glass? Buttoned with artwork?

Button, button, who's got the button?

Button, button, who's got the button?

Beverly makes colors swirl and light bend…who couldn’t envy that?  When you live Downeast and the days become short, I can only imagine that playing with torches and molten glass is simply good for the soul.  Maybe that’s why Beverly and her children always seem to occupy a space that “pops” with energy.  Come and visit the colorful booth of Shipyard Point Glassworks in the Shopper’s Boulevard; if we can manage the right space for glass work, Beverly will be demonstrating glass work too.

1 stitch, 2 stitch, 3 stitch and more

1 stitch, 2 stitch, 3 stitch and more

We sent Beverly some questions about what she does and why she does it (we know it’s not to become a millionaire).  This is what she said:

My current passion is creating glass or glass-handled tools for fiber artists. I have discovered, out of necessity, that fiber folks are great to work with and so incredibly creative. It’s a blast to make a tool or button that someone else can utilize to help create another item or finish off a piece that they have put an enormous amount of work into.
I have always been interested in blown glass, even as a teenager. Once in a great while, my family would end up in some sort of a glass shop and I just wanted to set up camp and watch all day but of course we never stayed very long.   About 6 years ago, my mom bought me a book on making glass beads. Now this looked like something I could get into! I worked with a local artist for a few hours to understand the basic technique and equipment and then I was off and running. I did not take any classes in the first few years but I should have. Now that my business has caught on a bit, I am taking classes here and there to improve my technique and to help me understand why the glass moves in a certain way.

Drops of color to mark your way

Drops of color to mark your way

My biggest challenge these days is working out of my home and the balance of family, friends and work time. I need to learn to not answer the phone and just stay focused. Yes, that may be my biggest challenge! Staying focused! In the winter, staying warm in my workshop is a huge challenge. I wear my snow boots in my shop, sometimes even with those toe warmer packets inside them! My workshop is actually a converted tool shed/chicken coop that my husband insulated. It is a great space, actually! And the mice agree! Did you know that mice like Andes mints and have the ability to haul them great distances?

What spinner could resist an orfice hook like this?  Can you say stocking stuffer?

What spinner could resist an orfice hook like this? Can you say stocking stuffer?

I get lots of requests for classes but I am not real comfortable being a teacher. I have worked a bit with a friend so I can get past my teaching fears but we have’t gotten very far. She has done some incredible stuff, considering the short time she has worked with the hot glass.
I have never been a huge fiber person unless you consider sewing. I grew up sewing my own clothes and even things for my kids. I really want to knit a sweater but am so scared that it will never get finished. I don’t need another unfinished project!
How would I spend my time in a perfect world? I would love to travel everywhere with my family and see the world with them; I don’t want to wait until they are grown up and out of the house.  As a child, I never traveled out of New England and local Canada and I feel that gave me such a small view of the world. It has taken a long time for me to realize that diversity is an awesome thing and that our world would be so much better if everyone was able to see and share in that ideal!

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