A moment with Gloria Buntrock

Gloria is a new member of the Fiber College Faculty and we’re very excited to have her join us.  One of FC’s

Peacefully creating art with string and bobbins

Peacefully creating art with string and bobbins

goals is to promote and maintain traditional arts so that they may continue on for another generation and Gloria’s enthusiasm will carry us a very long way.  Beginning Bobbin Lace will be offered on Friday from 10 AM to 2 PM with a possibility of a second class if there is enough interest.

The other day she sent us a short paragraph about how she started in this delicate art and we’d like to share her words with you.

I’ve always been interested in crafts and started embroidery, sewing and
crocheting at an early age. As a teenager, I learned to knit; then taught
myself to tat from a book because someone told me that couldn’t be done!
Bobbin lace had been a fascination from the first time I saw it illustrated
in a book. About twelve years ago we were touring Plymouth Plantation in
Massachusetts. The demonstration of the day was bobbin lace. The family
keep loosing track of me, but I was easy to find–watching the bobbin lace
demonstration! They had a lesson book for sale which I bought and devoured
all the way back to Illinois. The instructions were clear to make the
pillow and bobbins needed to start and the book gave step by step
My most ambitious project to date has been to make several yards of fine
lace to trim my daughter’s wedding veil. I’ve gotten several others started
on this most fascinating craft and look forward to joining the staff at
Fiber College this year.

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