The Autumn Hollow Farm at Fiber College

When I stumbled across a booth of gorgeous hand made crochet hooks and knitting needles garnished with crystals and silver caps I stopped dead in my tracks and soon possessed three of my very own…and I don’t even crochet very well.  It’s with absolute pleasure that we announce the inclusion of Autumn Hollow Farm in the Shopper’s Boulevard.

Just the other day, Shannon sent these responses to our questions about fiber passions, business and dreams:

1. We know that interest in textiles and fibers evolve over time. What is your currant passion? Did you start directly with this form of the art or did you progress through a series of interests?

A: Knitting & Crochet. I also love primitive rug hooking, and sewing.

2. What or who fired your initial flames of artistry?

A: My sister, Karen.

3. Where do you find your inspiration? Travel, gardens, museums, children’s paintings…

A: Nature.

4. What’s your biggest challenge? Time, studio space, money, recognition…

A: Time. I work a lot.

5. What’s the biggest payoff?

A: Beautiful things for my home and clothing. When I create something, it’s my taste and/or size, and not someone else’s. Because I created it, I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.

6. Emotions are a major driver of our passions…does your art make you satisfied from the moment you start or are there moments of anxiety as the process evolves…do you see the finished product differently as time passes?

A: I usually start with satisfaction, developing into anxiety when I delve into something new.

7. What best describes your personal learning style? Your personal teaching style?

A: My personal learning style is ‘hands on’. My personal teaching style is to avoid long fancy words and try to put things into plain English.

8. What would a perfect fiber shop look like? Do you have any favorite haunts that come close?

A: Marannacook Yarns is my LYS. Gari is small but local. Of course Halycon Yarns is huge, and that gives it a great selection that only a larger store can. It’s a fun place to visit, but it’s too far for me to travel all the time. I go there about once every year or two.

9. How will those who wander through the Fiber College grounds best recognize you?

A: We (my sister and I) will be at the “Autumn Hollow Farm” vendor booth. We’re the ladies with all the fancy knitting needles and crochet hooks!

10. In a perfect world, how would you spend your time? Where would your passions take you if there were no restraints?

A: Raise sheep, spin, spend a lot of time creating with fiber and garden.

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