Laurie Farrell Will Make You Feel Groovey!

Laurie Farrell is just one of those awesome people you want to spend time with.  Her priorities are all in the right places and her art expresses the joie de vivre she’ll inspire you to feel about the world.  She has a wonderful booth in the Shopper’s Boulevard and will be teaching Super Easy Stretchy Bracelets on Saturday afternoon and Elegant Raku Necklace on Sunday.  Hopefully she’ll send more pictures so that you can see the beauty of their work…if you haven’t already caught them on any number of beading magazine covers.

When we asked her to respond to our interview questions, these are the e-mailed responses we received:

How can it possibly be mid-JULY? Beadbiz is grand – more mags publishing pix and directions using our beads – the online bead store ( that has carried our work for several years ordered 24 new styles -24!!- and they should be in the online catalog within the month. My gardens take precedence over everything tho – growing time is precious.
Now to Interview:

#1 – Making strung jewelry has been a delight since childhood. I have always been entranced with yarns & ribbons & threads & cording & tinsel because you can braid it & weave it & knot it & knit it & string it and on & on & on!!
As a Self-employed artist since 1979 I’ve had Artist -in -residencies to teach and create original pieces in web-weaving, multi-layered molas, sewn banners and flags, bas-relief sculpture in wood and clay, and most happily in large-scaled traditional waxed and multi-dyed Batik.
As a former Jewelry store owner I made a great deal of my own designs as well as carrying ethnic and contemporary lines. My personal passion was Native American jewelry. During my 10 years in business I accumulated a handsome collection for myself as well as recognizing a passion for the sales rep – July 2nd was our twenty year anniversary!
Since then Keith has become a wonderful potter and for the last 10 years has been
specializing in Handmade Raku and Stoneware beads. And how could I possibly resist becoming involved in that! And of course, if you’re making beads you simply HAVE to start making jewelry with them!

A few days later, Laurie had these words to add…

#2 – My dad, John Farrell, was incredibly creative, actively creative his whole life. As a kid, his workroom/darkroom/studio was never off-limits to me and my sisters. He had infinite patience with us. Teaching was always by demonstration which led to our helping him with whatever he was currently working on. By the time I was seven I could make plaster-of-paris molds for jewelry components, help develop his film, cut sheet copper and lay out designs in powdered enamels for firing in a tiny kiln under his supervision,
make my own small twig loom and weave coasters….for years I assumed everyone had these opportunities!

#3 – Inspiration. I believe it is necessary to approach EVERYthing as a potential source of creative stimulation. Be completely present to Nature especially – the ultimate on-going creation/destuction/recombining/reforming evolutionary cycle. Look/listen/touch/taste/smell/question/research/review/test/take apart/pare away/recombine/recycle/accept/release – live attentively!

#4 – Challenges? Finding the still time to allow all of the above to settle.
Making space in our home studio to accomodate 4 to 10 different projects AS WELL AS the ongoing bead/button and pendant production for our thriving wholesale business.

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