Meet Kathy from nearby Stockton Springs

Kathy Goldner is an entrepreneur who looks as though she were chosen to play the role on a television show…she simply looks like a brilliant business woman before you even hear her speak! You can have a sneak peak at the selection of books she produces at Knitting Out Loud. This year she’ll have a booth in the Shopper’s Boulevard and recently she responded to the following interview questions:

  1. We know that interest in textiles and fibers evolve over time. What is your currant passion? Did you start directly with this form of the art or did you progress through a series of interests? Directly to knitting!
  2. What or who fired your initial flames of artistry? My German Jewish grandmother, a WWII immigrant and Freudian psychoanalyst. She couldn’t cook, but she taught me how to knit.
  3. Where do you find your inspiration? Travel, gardens, museums, children’s paintings… From knitting books!
  4. What’s your biggest challenge? Time. studio space, money, recognition…
  5. What’s the biggest payoff? The wonderful feel of knitting! Working in this folk tradition with gorgeous yarns.
  6. Emotions are a major driver of our passions…does your art make you satisfied from the moment you start or are there moments of anxiety as the process evolves…do you see the finished product differently as time passes? Yes! To both questions. One always learns something new. I love the process.
  7. What best describes your personal learning style? Your personal teaching style? Unconventional.
  8. What would a perfect fiber shop look like? Do you have any favorite haunts that come close? I love my local yarn shops: Purple Fleece in Stockton Springs and Heavenly Socks in Belfast. They are both perfect!
  9. How will those who wander through the Fiber College grounds best recognize you? I will be wearing a Knitting Out Loud tee shirt.
  10. In a perfect world, how would you spend your time? Where would your passions take you if there were no restraints? I am very happy right now.

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