The Sparkle of Liz Grover…vendor and faculty member

Liz Grover makes the world a better place…simply by being alive.  She’s so much of a fiber artist that anything she touches is inspiration towards a new project or a better way to take care of her animals.  She and partner Michaele will have a booth at the in the Shopper’s Boulevard with beautiful Angoras to meet and possibly purchase.  She’ll also be teaching a class on Friday at 3 PM, All about Angoras.  If you’ve even considered caring for one of these beautiful animals yourself, this is the class to take.

Fiber College Interview 2008:

1. We know that interest in textiles and fibers evolve over time. What is your current passion? **No matter what activity I’m engaged in: weaving ,spinning, knitting…I always find my passion with my farm. Right now my barn is full of baby angoras and my llama is training with me for packing. What fun!!!

2. Did you start directly with this form of the art or did you progress through a series of interests? **Years ago I had angora rabbits because I loved everything about them-personality, and that fabulous fiber. I competed with them for 6 years before I learned to spin. My daughter,who was 16, finally taught me to spin! I do a variety of art forms.  I joke that my 15 minute attention span allows me to have a lot of projects going on.   Currently I am cleaning my sheep fleeces, spinning up more 100% angora and am preparing to paint a mural in exchange for my website :

3. What or who fired your initial flames of artistry?**My dad was the first in instill a passion for art. He taught me to paint when I was in grade school and allowed me to have my own animals. Next my aunt ( my namesake)got a hold of me and taught me to knit at the age of 7. I minored in Fine Arts in college and became a certified art teacher 5 years ago. Fiber Arts and animals have become a part of who I am because of my early mentoring.

4. Where do you find your inspiration? Travel, gardens, museums, children’s paintings…**Form, texture and color anywhere!

5. What’s your biggest challenge? Time, studio space, money, recognition…** Time, for sure. I am 1 month into my 2nd business and fiber time is limited right now. But even on times off, there’s too do..weaving, spinning, needle felting, dyeing,knitting,… and too little time.

6. What’s the biggest payoff? **The changes that happen to me while engaged in a fiber project. The world fades away and you become part of the project..feeling the softness, seeing the subtle texturing and the”take your breath feeling” when it all comes out the way you never planned -better. I know this sounds corny but this right brain stuff is cool.

7. Emotions are a major driver of our passions…does your art make you satisfied from the moment you start or are there moments of anxiety as the process evolves…do you see the finished product differently as time passes? ** I’ve come to the decision that I won’t watch a t.v. shows with horror, and violence.And I wont do a project that stresses me out. This doesn’t mean that I don’t puzzle over it , become dissatisfied, but there’s too many things that bring joy…. so that’s what I do.

8. What best describes your personal learning style? Your personal teaching style?**I’m a talker-everyone confirms that! But for me to learn, I have to do it and do it and do it…………………………………. Now for teaching– Five years ago I left a teaching career of 23 years. I taught special needs kids so teaching to all learning styles was integral. I do teach spinning,weaving now. My classes have been very successful -so my students say. What fun we have together and you should see what they produce–NICE!

9. What would a perfect fiber shop look like? Do you have any favorite haunts that come close? **I have to be honest, I don’t shop for supplies. I have my own fiber! I guess I can’t really answer this. Though I am working on making my display like a little shop. (It’s a work in progress). I am adding little kiosks fora pattern display, fiber ect. I am slowly working away from tables. That’s the environment I enjoy. I just realized what a shameless plug I gave my booth. Oh well, come by and we’ll talk bunny!

10. How will those who wander through the Fiber College grounds best recognize you? *!*!*BUNNIES*!*!*! Micheale and I will have our angoras all around our white tent. We have a new, large sign- ALL ABOUT ANGORAS ( our new name). The large Angora Producers sign will also be hanging. Of course, inside you”ll find fabulous fiber, yarn, and accessories.
11. In a perfect world, how would you spend your time? Where would your passions take you if there were no restraints? **I’d be in the woods with my animals and be “playing” all day with enough money to get by. WAIT! I’m almost there.. I live in the woods with my animals. Is there a sponsor out there for me?

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