Laurie Sims…Crochet Artist Extraordinaire!

Laurie is someone you’d love to have living next door.  She’s artistic, patient, funny and a wonderful teacher.  This year she’ll be teaching Recycled Rag Rugs on Friday afternoon…save your old flannel bedsheets for this fun and useful project.  During the weekend, Laurie will also be hosting a crochet clinic for anyone who wants to bring a project, problem or question…or just learn about this fun and under publicized needle art.

Recently we sent her a list of question and this is what she had to say:

I have had my fingers in anything and everything fiber and art since I was little and sewing doll clothes.  For many years I stitched in private for myself and friends, but I’ve gained chutzpah with age so now I proclaim myself an artist.  My current passion is creating in crochet with local yarns.  Other projects are happening in crochet and embroidery using recycled fabric and fun things from the hardware store.

And some quick answers to questions I could ponder and discuss for hours:

When teaching I like small groups so I can give as much personal attention as possible because everyone learns differently.   

What do you need more of? Time, studio space, money, recognition.
Inspiration comes from everywhere and nowhere.  It’s often related to a perceived challange; How can I make this work?;  How can I make this everday thing beautiful?.  Sometimes I just do what the materials tell me to do.

The work itself is a meditation for me.  I get in a zone with many projects where I hate taking time out for things like cleaning, yardwork, job, sleeping.

In an ideal world I’d have a patron to pay the bills and a companion who’s whole aim in life is to handle all the day-to-day for me so I can just create.

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