Meet Artist Terri Lipman

Terri Lipman is joining Fiber College for the first time this year and we’re excited about all she has to teach those interested in fabric manipulation for quilting, altered books, doll making, art to wear and the joy of playing with fabric.  Terri’s been active in the Fiber Arts Community since the late 1970’s and has had experience teaching, selling, developing and marketing the best of color and texture.   Although her focus this year is on texture and paint on fabric, don’t hesitate to talk to her about free form knitting and crocheting…a definite class for next year!  This year she’ll be teaching four hour class called Creating Art Cloth on Friday at 10 AM.

  1. We know that interest in textiles and fibers evolve over time.  What is your currant passion?  Did you start directly with this form of the art or did you progress through a series of interests? I have been painting all of my life, started with a frog on a denim shirt, painted wood, tin, furniture, floorcloths and evolved back to painted textiles, my true love.   In reality, for me, it is just a change from acrylics to textile paints and dyes.
  2. What or who fired your initial flames of artistry? My mother started me with needlework when I had tonsilitis at age 5 and I cross stitched a pillow case.  I did all kinds of fiber, paint, beading, arts and crafts from that point on.  Girl Scout camp was a second huge influence.
  3. Where do you find your inspiration?  Travel, gardens, museums, children’s paintings…Certain magazines inspire me: Selvedge, Surface Design Journal, Fiber Arts, Cast On, visiting museums, hiking mountains as I take in the scenery, etc.  I have a huge book collection to which I will refer frequently.
  4. What’s your biggest challenge?  Time, studio space, money, recognition…TIME! Actually lack of it.
  5. What’s the biggest payoff? I have painted and sold my work for about 35 years so my biggest chuckle is having a customer say “I have an early Terri Lipman.”  Personally my payoff is my feeling of happiness creating the art.
  6. Emotions are a major driver of our passions…does your art make you satisfied from the moment you start or are there moments of anxiety as the process evolves…do you see the finished product differently as time passes? Unless I am working from a sketch, my end result is not always as I planned. I have pieces of art I have trashed but I am not anxious about it.  Out of site is out of mind is my motto for those things.
  7. What best describes your personal learning style?  Your personal teaching style? I believe I learn best by doing -either by developing it myself or watching something and emulating it.  I am a no holds bar teacher.  I demonstrate, explain the why, how, help the thinking process, etc.
  8. What would a perfect fiber shop look like?  Do you have any favorite haunts that come close? As for yarn, etc, I have three favorites: The Elegant Ewe in Concord, Ewe’ll Love It in Nashua and Wild and Woolly in Lexington, MA.  But I do not dislike any!   Art supplies: Pearl Paint
  9. How will those who wander through the Fiber College grounds best recognize you? Blonde hair and reddish rectangular glasses with a few rolls near the waist!  (Funny how weight loss doesn’t happen where it is needed~)  I will probably be wearing something artsy!
  10. In a perfect world, how would you spend your time?  Where would your passions take you if there were no restraints?  Umm…I would have a very large finished barn with tons of insulation so I could afford to heat it and be warm at 70oF.  It be on a lake, with lots of windows and with lots of 12′ long tables for silk screening textiles.

My days would be painting, drawing, dyeing, hiking, kayaking, swimming, snow shoeing, depending the season, with my friends.  I would attend art retreats and share art with others.

Visit or for more information.

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