Jurying Done…wow, those were tough decisions!

Yesterday the Jurying Committee of 5 met and deliberated over almost 80 class applications.  Oh my gosh, to narrow our choices down to 40 was like deciding which flavor 79.jpgof ice cream to choose when they’re all homemade and luscious…or choosing between silk, mohair, wool, cotton and angora…oh how we suffered on your behalf!

But we narrowed the class list down to give us a nice representation of disciplines and now we’re working at the big wall board to make certain everything fits into the schedule.  Applicants, we’ll be in touch by the end of the week.  Students, we’ll try to have the class list published on the website by the end of the weekend.   It’s going to be exciting…we promise there’s something for everyone’s skill level and many classes you won’t find anywhere else this year.

If you’re wondering why one class was chosen over another, the response could be any number of things:  we couldn’t fit the desired class time into a slot, certain fiber interests were better represented than others and we simply had to choose, materials fees didn’t seem like the best value to students or there was no appropriate photo to accompany the application and of course we want the course offerings to stay fresh and timely.  If your application wasn’t chosen, don’t hesitate to ask why…and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE try again next year!
Thanks for your patience,

The Jurying Committee

One thought on “Jurying Done…wow, those were tough decisions!

  1. Is it the end of the week yet? Is it? Please? I can’t wait!!! What classes did you pick? Wanna know! This is worse than Christmas. I think Wednesday (today) counts as the end of the week…. Yeah, now that I think of it, I’m sure the week in Maine ends on Wednesday. I know I have that calendar somewhere…..

    The suspense is killing me!

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