Mary Jane Mucklestone!

Mary Jane MucklestoneYesterday I had breakfast the Mary Jane, widely known among the up and coming short list of knitwear designers. You may have seen her work in the latest, sold out issue of Interweave Knits Holiday Magazine…she created the December Lights Tam on page 38.

To set the scene…think sparkling, pretty womanDecember Lights Tam wearing a beautifully knit pinkish tam…add warm scones and good coffee and I wish you could have joined us!

We talked about fabric designs (MJ was a trendy designer living in NYC before love and life brought her to the village of Searsmont here in Mid Coast Maine), color combinations, moo cards, blogging and the serious lack of hours in a day when your head swims with creative ideas scratching to get out.

When I spoke enviously of her beautiful blog she confessed that among other things, she’s a professional photographer and a photo stylist for Interweave Press and other media outlets. Without skipping a beat I knew what we needed for moo cardsFiber College 2008…and MJ graciously agreed to instruct a class on styling our own fiber art for photographs…who among us wouldn’t like to take better digital photos of our work?

As you may well imagine, our conversation flowed from one subject to another in a sort of stream of consciousness…ideas dropped from the sky like confetti and you’ll need to wait until all of the classes have been posted in April to see what other treats Mary Jane has in store for us. In the meantime, if you’ll please excuse the flash on this picture, here are a few of the moo cards MJ had in her purse…next year we’ll have moo cards for the College too!

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