Mary Ellen Kranz is Coming to Fiber College!

p8200051.jpgHave you ever lived through months when every single day blurs into the next because one amazing thing happens after another? Well that’s the best description for the way Fiber College has been coming together this year…I know it sounds pollyanna but the truth is, fabulous things have been happening so quickly this summer that at the end of the day there hasn’t been time to write about them.

Last Wednesday Emma and I finally had the pleasure of catching up with Mary Ellen Kranz, the well known quilter and author for a lovely lunch in the garden and a long conversation aboutp8200059.jpg everything under the sun. We had a little show and tell as we got to know each other. Mary Ellen brought some of her digital quilts, Emma brought her helioprints and I had my nuno shawls. By the end of the afternoon we each had clouds of ideas in our minds of how we could incorporate each other’s techniques within our own art forms.

If you haven’t heard of Mary Ellen, here’s an excerpt from her bio:

As a quiltmaker, teacher and author, Mary Ellen Kranz shares her knowledge of how to combine quilting and digital photography with quiltmakers across the country. Her quilts have appeared in galleries and reflect a broad range of quiltmaking skills and techniques. For the past seven years, Mary Ellen has taught throughout the country at shops, guilds, regional quilting events and national conferences including the AQS Quilt Show in Paducah, Quilting by the Lake and the Houston International Quilt Festival, and Maine Quilts.

Her article, Joyful Image Quilts, appeared in the Spring 2003 issue of American Quilter magazine. Mary Ellen and Cheryl Hayes are co-authors of Blending Photos with Fabric: A Beautiful New Way to Combine Photography, Printing, and Quiltmaking published by The Electric Quilt Company. Mary Ellen was the featured guest of Alex Anderson’s Simply Quilts on HGTV. Mary Ellen’s new book, Blending Photos with Fabric II, published by The Electric Quilt Company, will be available in the fall of 2007. You can see her work at

p8200057.jpgAlthough Mary Ellen’s schedule is so tight that she can only make it to the College on Friday, she has graciously offered to participate in the Demonstration tent at 1:00. The title of her lecture/demonstration will be: Blending Photos with Fabric

Using her own work as visuals, Mary Ellen will explain how typically ‘Photo quilts’ often use a bulletin board setting – fabric photos set in a regular pattern on the surface of the quilt. But, there are so many other ways to incorporate your own images into your quilted pieces. She will talk a bit about mechanics of printing from your computer onto fabric. Then, demonstrate a variety of ways to set your fabric photo into your quilt design.

I hope that you can make it!

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