Artist in Residence

jstudio.jpgThis year we’re trying something new…Joan Chellis of N Wayne will be this year’s Fiber College Artist in Residence. An amazing fabric artist, Joan specializes in one of a kind, painted fabrics and heliographs (dyeing prepared cloth using the sun’s energy to imprint the fabrics). Her work is found mainly in private collections and finds its way into quilts and wall hangings. Rather than fill this post with words, I’ll fill it with photos that only suggest the vibrancy of Joan’s work.

As the Artist in Residence, Joan will set up her studio for students to work in two hour blocks exploring techniques in color blending, resists of all sort, nature prints and abstractjhelioprocess.jpg concepts. Your $45 class registration fee will allow you to choose times that permit heiloprinting if that’s your interest. You are welcome to bring home all of the fabric you create. Joan will be available all three days to answer your jcoolhelio.jpgquestions, guide your explorations and talk about her body of work.  For more photographs, visit the photo album.

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